Monday, August 21, 2017

Parade info

August 21, 2017

**Look at the note and see where your child starts Parade.  Make sure she is at the right place before you leave her with us.

Dear Parent,

          Wednesday August 23rd is the fair parade.  Va-Dels are number 39 in the parade.  Every girl will need to be at the place she lines up by 4:30 PM.  Please do not be late!  The parade will start right on time!

          All girls 3rd grade and older will line up at MB Meat Packing Tremont Street.  it’s located on the main road that the parade is going down.  Girls riding in the back of the trailer float will be at the beginning of the parade with the older girls at MB Meat Packing Tremont Street..  Girls 2nd grade and younger will line up at the 2nd/5th Ward LDS church - 300 So. Tremonton St.  Krisanne Jackie & Darci will be at the beginning of the parade with the 3rd grade & older girls and girls on the trailer float.  Debbie and Kalisa will be at the church location with the younger girls (2nd grad and younger).

***Every girl will need someone at the end of the parade to pick her up when we are done performing.  They will make us move our vehicles out of the way and we cannot stay with your child.  The parade route ends at the North Park Park.

Hair -  5th grade & older - high ponytail - straight hair - black elastic wrap a little piece of hair around the elastic. Knot will be on the right side. Please make sure it is pinned in tight.

          4th grade & younger - hair the same as competition. Bow will go behind the bun.

 Make sure you wash outfit inside out in cold water. DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER.

Earrings - must be VaDel Rhinestone earrings-studs only (no loops or hanging earrings

                    Put bandages on your child’s heels so she does not get blisters on her heels.

Lipstick - every girl will need to wear the Va-Del lipstick - cover girl stay on ultimate wine.

Every girl needs to wear no show socks. Make sure your child has her choker, bow and earrings on before you leave home so they aren't forgotten.

We will be starting classes  Tuesday Sept 5th.  No classes on Labor Day

Fall Dance, Gymnastics and Cheer Schedule

You need to sign your child up for classes on our blog.  There is a link on our blog for you to register your child (located on the left side).

We might have to do some adjusting after we start teaching.  It usually takes a couple of weeks.  If classes are too big then we will divide them!  If you know anyone that wants to sign up for dance, cheer or gymnastics, have them call one of us if they have questions. Debbie @ 435.881.9494 or Krisanne @ 435.452.1214.  We will post all of our notes on our Blog - you need to check and look at it often to see if there are any changes!  You need to register your child for fall classes on our Blog -

Thank you for your support in our summer classes and Parade!  Looking forward to another great year!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Picture pickup

Pictures and cd's from last season will be available for pickup tomorrow, August 21st at the studio from 8:30-9:30. ALL accounts MUST be paid in full before you receive your pictures. Thanks!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Parade costume balance

Your child will have a balance on her costume

If you paid your $40 deposit you will owe the following balance

5th grade and older $18
4th grade and younger $15

If you have NOT paid your $40 deposit you will owe the following amount

5th grade and older $58
4th grade and younger $55

This will include her shirt with print, shorts with print, tank top and a choker. Please send the balance with your child to Monday's practice. Also, tuition will need to be paid before picking up your costume.

Practice Monday and Tuesday will be from 8:30-9:30 am at the MIDDLE SCHOOL. Please make sure your child is to practice!

Thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions please let us know, Thanks!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Parade info

If your child would like to ride the float with us this year in the Box Elder County Fair parade you need to contact Debbie at 881-9494 by Monday, August 7th. Your child can wear whatever she would like in the colors we will be wearing (black, white, light pink) or she can purchase an outfit. Please let Debbie know if you plan to purchase an outfit by Monday, August 7th so they can get them ordered next week. All new students are welcome to ride the float.

We will be dancing in the first part of the parade. Your child will need to be picked up at the end of the parade as soon as they are done. They will make us move our float and we won't be able to wait around for kids who don't have a parent there to pick them up. 

If your child is dancing in the parade you will need to purchase your child's shoes at payless. Please do not wait to buy them so you can make sure to get them. The brand is AirWalk and you need them in  black. Here is the link 

If your child was in the ball hip hop last year and your black high tops are still in good condition your child can wear them in the parade. 

If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lost and Found

Hello Everybody,

Our lost and found has accumulated a lot of stuff. We are asking if you see anything that is yours in this picture that you PLEASE come pick up Tuesday anytime between 8-11 am or Wednesday 5:15-8 pm. We will be sending what is left to the DI the 1st of August. If you have any questions please let us know. Thanks!