Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Please remember when paying with a check to write a separate check for each fee you are paying and in the memo line please write what the check is for, i.e.  tuition, jacket, comp fees. 


Dear Parent,                                                                  Jan. 25, 2016
Every day you will need to check our blog.  We will be posting a lot of info. It is up to you to check the blog often.

Every student that is going to St. George to Compete in the Competition will owe $24.00 for each dance she is competing in.  This is due before Feb. 15th.  They raised the price of the competition fees because they are not charging admission at the door.
Every student will need foot undies (dance shoes) to perform in.  Every girl needs to buy a new pair so they look nice for our performances.  You will need to order hers - the website is - neoprene half sole with rhinestones - Tan - #6421 - $16.10              

Every student will need our tights for performance.  Every student must wear the same tights.  If your child was in dancing last year make sure her tights do not have holes or runs in them.  You need to order her tights - the website is  they are capezio ultra soft stirrup tights - color is carmel - children - # 1861 C, one size fits all - $12.24 - Adults #1861 - $14.11

Every student 2nd grade & older will need to purchase our rhinestone earrings (same earrings we have always been wearing)  They cost $13.00.  You will need to pay the money to us - we get them from a dance store in Salt Lake.  We will be placing the order the 1st week of Feb.  If your child is in preschool, Kindergarten or 1st grade and you would like to purchase some earrings from us you can.

Va-Del jackets will be done by next Monday.  Your child will owe a balance of  $19.00                                   
This includes all the prints, her name and tax.
We decided to wait until next spring to have Va-Dels perform at Disneyland.  We will have the meeting in Sept. for all those that are interested.  You will have to pay a deposit that will go towards tickets so we know for sure who is going.

If your child is competing this spring in a solo (individual) below are the dates and websites you need to go to, to register her.

Dance Extreme              March 19th                                Logan Rec. Center
Deadline is Feb. 20th - call 435.752.3293 or email
Malad High School                     April 9th            Email: or call Jennifer Hill at 208.220.2883       Deadline is Feb. 9th

Dixie Jam                                  April 15-16th    Deadline is March 7th - it is an online registration

Dance Extreme              April 23rd                                  Logan Rec. Center
Call 435.752.3293 - or email

USA Dance Challenge    April 29th                                  Roy High School
Register online  You receive a discount if you register her before Feb. 5th.  You can call Jeanie Broce 801.502.8582   She also has one at the Lagoon on June 10th


Monday, January 25, 2016

Concerning Thursday's Hip Hop Class-

You will need to order your child's pink high tops for Hip Hop.  This is the website -they are the Alexandra Kids Gator Combat-AC6C.

Order today before they sell out of them!! They do run a size small!


Friday, January 22, 2016

The following is a letter concerning some Logan Competitions.  If you want an entry form, please shoot me an e-mail and I can e-mail it to you.

         20th Annual

Dance Extreme       

                        Competition Information


This year we will be holding 2 competitions. They will both be held at the Logan recreation Center 195 S 100 West, Logan, UT


March 19th – Dance Extreme Medallion Competition

This competition will be just like last years and will award medals to each dancer for each routine competed. This competition is done like” Dancing with the Stars”. The score is held up by the judges right after the performance and you will be rated Platinum, High Gold, Gold, High Silver or Silver. This is for studios that like a more casual atmosphere . A large team trophy will be awarded to each team as well as judges choice awards for technique, showmanship, choreography etc.


The solo’s will be on the same day as teams and will be awarded Queen through 5th attendant in each division. Solists will receive a large trophy.

If there are more than 6 in a division the category will be split.


April 23rd– Dance Extreme

This competition will award 1st – 5th place in each category as well as overall awards. Each team competitor will also receive their own award.

The solo’s will be on the same day as teams and will be awarded Queen through 5th attendant in each division. If there are more than 6 in a division the category will be split.


We will award overall sweepstakes by studio size this year. Small Studio 1-50 students, medium Studio 51-100 students and large studio 101-200 students.

We hope to see you at one or both of these competitions this year!!!



If you have any questions please call me @ 435-764-8607

Or e-mail:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Thursday, Jan 21st, we will need every girl performing an individual and her mom at a meeting at 7 pm at our studio.  If your daughter is doing a solo you MUST attend.
Dear Parent,

We are having a Disneyland meeting this Thursday Jan.  14th at 7PM at our studio.  If you are planning on going to Disneyland and have your child perform-you need to be to this meeting. You must tell us for sure if you are going to Disneyland that night.

We are taking the following groups to St. George competition on Sat. April 16th- Oldest Hip Hop, Jr. Hip Hop, Pee Wee Hip Hop (all of our hip hop classes), Jr. Company, Sr. Company, Sr. Competitive Cheer, All Star Cheer, and both Specialty classes.

We have reserved some rooms at the Hampton Inn Suites for April 14, 15, and 16th-it is $123 per night and includes breakfast.  If you are planning on staying in this hotel you must make your reservations before Feb. 28th.  You can stay where you want.  Your child needs to be in St. George on Sat. April 16th.  They will release the rooms after that date.  You will need to tell them that you are with Va-Dels to get that rate.  The phone number is 435-652-1200.  You must let us know by Jan 21st if your child is not going to this competition so we can fix formations.

Every girl in cheer owes a $60 deposit for Jan 25th to go towards her cheer outfit.  We will use this outfit for 2 years.  You need to get her cheer shoes ordered now.  The website is, Nike Sideline Cheer, 11151404.  If your child is in Pee Wee Cheer or Jr. Cheer she needs black and silver pom poms.  If you did not order them in the fall then you need to bring $28 now.  We are only going to place one order.

If your child is new to Va-Dels she will need a jazz costume.  You owe a $60 deposit if you did not pay last November.  We will not be able to order your child's costume without a deposit.

Parents-you need to write on the bottom of your checks what you are paying for.  If your child brings in cash it must be in an envelope with her name on it, how much cash is in it, and what it is for.

Tuition is the same amount every month whether your child misses or not.  We teach a lot of extra classes in the spring and some months have 5 lessons.
                                                                Competition/Revue Dates

Please put these dates on your calendar.  We need every girl to perform with us.

Saturday April 16th                               St. George
Saturday April 23rd                               Logan Rec.
Saturday April 30th                               Roy High School
Saturday May                                        Revue Practice BRHS
               May                                        Revue BRHS

The week of competition or Revue your child cannot miss class and perform with us.  We need everyone to practice so we are ready.

Everyone must enter through our back door.  The front door will be locked.  We cannot have wet shoes on our dance floor.  Your child must bring her dance, cheer, Hip Hop shoes in a bag and change her shoes when she arrives.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dear Parent,

Every student will need to be paid in full before Christmas. There will be a $25.0 late fee for Dec. tuition if you pay after Christmas. If you have not paid your childΚΌs $40.00 deposit for her Hip Hop costume, we have to have it now!! We are buying parts of her costume now before the stores sell out of them.
We will be handing out the jogger pants before Christmas. The jackets will not be done until the first part of January. The material came with a lot of flaws. They had to reorder more material from China - we are sorry!

 Every student that ordered jogger pants will need to pay $38.00. This includes pockets, draw string, print and tax. We will not be able to give your child her jogger pants without being paid in full. We have to pay for the jogger pants when we pick them up. We will be handing out the jogger pants on Monday Dec. 21st between 3:30 - 7:30. You will need to pay for them next week so it will be easier to hand them out. If you are giving your child the jogger pants for Christmas then you will need to come in first thing Monday when we are teaching to pick them up. We will not be able to go to the studio to hand them out after Monday Dec. 21st.

 We will be teaching Monday classes Dec. 21st - we will not be teaching classes on Tuesday Dec 22nd, Wednesday 23rd or Thursday 24th. Classes will resume on Monday January 4th.

Thank You for all your great support!

We want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will let you know her balance owing on her jacket the first of January.